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Menswear trends from this month’s London Fashion Week Men’s AW 18/19

London Fashion Week Men’s AW 18/19 collection was recently unveiled, and here are the latest trends that came out of the show, that every fashion-conscious man should follow this year.

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The tie-dye look

At the famed fashion event, one designer presented models wearing psychedelic shades that bore a resemblance to a tie-dye theme, but were actually inspired by exploring the left and right functions of the brain. To achieve this look, think bright, rainbow spiral colours on tailored suits.

Colour trends

Other colour trends at the event resembled shades from a spice rack. According to the Evening Standard, plush trousers in shades of turmeric, cumin and cocoa powder will spice up your look next autumn. For the more conservative dresser, black still reigns supreme.

Focus on checks

The pattern trend set to dominate over the upcoming months in any man’s wardrobe is the check. Think check printed jackets and trousers in various colours and sizes, with the emphasis on the larger, the better.

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Trouser fashions

Designers showcased models wearing plenty of leather at the recent event, with leather trousers and jackets dominating. Corduroy and velvet trousers were also ubiquitous on the catwalk. With an emphasis on good quality trouser materials, there will be greater demand for mens designer clothes, such as from this year. Men’s trousers that are billowing in style rather than close-fitted will also be highly sought-after.

Padded jackets

According to the collections seen dominating the catwalk, male trendsetters will be wearing padded jackets and puffer coats this coming autumn and winter. Although padded coats, bomber jackets and puffer jackets are always a practical option when it gets chilly, it will be reassuring for many men that they can wear these outerwear items whilst still retaining their fashion sense this year.

Clothing with bags

The man bag has always been a concept that’s difficult for many men to accept, but lugging a rucksack around with you isn’t always a practical option. A solution to this dilemma was presented at the recent London Fashion Week event, where men’s clothing hit the catwalks incorporating oversized pockets that looked more like fitted bags. Other designers at the event latched onto the bag idea, and showcased models wearing harnesses and strap belts with bags attached, to represent the rock climbing look.

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