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Enjoying the Treat with the Right Stubby Holders Now

This week it is finally here, there is a heat wave! Some people are already very busy about that heat. Whether the flowers will survive and whether or not Grandma will not overheat. We only have one care this week and that is: how do we keep my beer cold!To counteract the drama of lukewarm beer this year, we gathered five brilliant tricks to also get this heat wave your beer cold at all times.

Tip 1: Salt

That you can put your beer in a bowl of water with ice, of course you knew yourself. But if you add a good amount of salt to it now, you will have a much faster result. Because of the salt you seem to have a higher freezing temperature and your beer is super cold in no time . Take it this year as well, use during your garden party no messy bucket but an old boat, wheelbarrow or bathtub.

Tip 2: Underground beer tower

Do you want cool beer in your garden all year round without the hassle of ice or electricity? Install this underground beer tower in your garden. Because it is always cold under the ground, your beer cools (very environmentally conscious) without electricity. Through the lever you get a nice cold beer at all times. Here for sale.

Tip 3: Pimp old fridge or cooler

Are you inspired by the great outdoor kitchens we have collected in our previous article ? Then you have to have a professional-looking cooling solution for your outdoor kitchen. This does not even have to be expensive. You can convert your old fridge or cooler into such a stylish outdoor fridge by building a wooden frame around it.

Tip 4: Wet kitchen paper

If you have agreed in the park about half an hour with your measurements for a good chill / bbq session, you can quickly get your beer cold in this way. Wrap wet paper towels (or toilet paper of course) around your bottles or cans of beer and put them in the freezer. In the time you need to put on your shorts and look for your sunglasses, your beer is already cold. The easiest option is the Personalised Stubby Holders that you can make use of now.