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Your Florist Singapore Guide to Buying Artificial Flowers

Artificial flowers can be a good alternative to fresh flowers. They are more economical to buy and can be quite convenient considering how much less care they require. Even though artificial flowers are less costly, it can still be a challenge to buy them considering the wide options that are available in the market. That is why a guide from a florist Singapore is important in helping someone make the right decision when making a purchase.

Choose the most convenient flower arrangement

Just as with fresh flowers, there are several types of arrangements when it comes to artificial flowers. Choose the best arrangement for you, based on what you want to use the flowers for. For instance, you can go for a single stem flower or a bouquet or a bunch of flowers.

Type of material

Florists stock flowers that have been made from different kinds of materials. There are flowers that are made from silk, paper or polyfoam. Flowers made from silk tend to be of a higher quality than other materials, so they tend to be the most expensive.

Flowers made from paper can look just as good as real flowers, so they are also a good option to go for.

Choose between customized arrangements and ready made arrangements

You can opt to purchase ready made arrangements. This will work best if you are short on time and short on money. Ready made arrangements are much cheaper than customized arrangements.

If you want a customized arrangement, let your florist Singapore know the design that you want. Keep in mind that the more complex the design is, the more you will be charged; since it will take the florist quite some time to put together the arrangement.

Consider renting

If you don’t want to buy the flowers permanently since you only want to use them for a short period of time, consider renting them from a florist. There are several florists who can make such an arrangement with you.

For instance, when you need the flowers for a special occasion but you don’t think that you will need to use the flowers again or when you need them in quite large quantities, which you will not use again or frequently. The best option in such cases would be to rent the flowers instead of buying them.

Consider the occasion

The type of artificial flowers that you go for depends on the occasion that you are celebrating. It could be a formal occasion or an informal one. Also, you could just want flowers for your home or office décor. Choose flowers that are appropriate for the occasion you are attending.


Consider how much money you are willing to spend. Come up with a budget and find a type of flower and arrangement that will fit in your budget. If you want to save money, consider buying the flowers in bulk, if you will need a large quantity.

You can go the do it yourself route or you can hire a professional florist to fix the flowers up for you. It depends on how creative you are and what you want.

Pros and Cons: Gift Baskets from Singapore florists

Flowers are a great way to express feelings of gratitude, love, and many others. However, most people have upgraded this simple gesture by not only giving a fresh bouquet of flowers from Singapore florists, but a gift basket as well.

Hello Florist, an online flower shop based in Singapore that specializes in flower delivery, also offers gift baskets to their clients. These baskets can contain a variety of things like chocolates, fruits, wines, and other gift items fit for any occasion.

This review will focus on the pros and cons of buying gift baskets from Hello Florist so you could decide whether you should include one the next time you order a flower delivery.


  1. They have a wide selection of products.

They have a huge assortment of gift baskets that you can choose from. They follow different themes or are made to suit different occasions. They are also arranged to fit certain budgets. Hello Florist has a clear display of their products through pictures, and just by looking at them, you will see what each gift basket contains.

  1. They include unique products.

Oftentimes, gift baskets are packed and sold in the most generic way. However, Hello Florist can include unique items that can give your basket a more personalized touch like balloons with text, plush stuffed toys, or even jewelry! All you need to do is add them to your online shopping cart and pay for them when you check out.


  1. You cannot see the actual gift basket that will be delivered.

In other words, there is no way for you to verify if the gift basket you ordered looks exactly the same as the gift basket in the photos. You can call the business and ask about specifications, but that could cause a bit of inconvenience on your part.

  1. More expensive than just going shopping and putting the gift basket together.

Of course, Singapore florists will charge you with the fees that they will be incurring during the delivery. So, when you add everything up, you will see that the gift basket you purchased online costs more than the gift basket you could have just pieced together yourself and mailed to the person you intended to give it to.


Ordering gift baskets from Singapore florists online are a great solution to quick and easy gift giving, especially if you need it in bulk or you need it to come with a flower delivery. However, you might want to stick to doing it all on your own if you are only intending to give it to a few persons. That way, you will be able to customize it freely and make it match the personality of the person who will be receiving it.